About Us

Ideas Un Limited, creates ideas and designs.

In 1989 as a bunch of third graders were going about coloring and making crafts, two of the boys were busily coloring a large drawing, but if you looked closely, you would not have seen the world as it was outside the classroom, reflected in the drawing.  You would have seen a world, a few decades later, filled with technological marvels all produced by the ‘V Corporation’.  The company they wanted to eventually create.  These boys desired to make a company that would fuel the technology of their adult lives.  As things normal go, the boys grew up, people moved and eventually they lost touch, also the ‘V Corporation” name was already taken.  I honestly don’t know what happened to my friend, but those desires to build a company and create never left me.

I founded Ideas Un Limited in 2004, partially as a way to justify buying some equipment for hobbies (photography and film), but also with the desire to one day start down that road laid out as an eight year old boy.

In 2009 Ideas Un Limited starting offering mechanical design and consultation services, specifically in automotive and industrial packaging, and small machine design.  In 2012 general electronic and embedded circuitry design, programming and PCB layout consultation and design services were added.

In 2013 we are going to unveil our first product, I passionately believe it is the start of the realization of a couple of dreamers.  Join us on this journey by signing up on our mailing list, as more information will be released soon.

Why does this company exist?

Ideas Un Limited exists to be a platform that brings glory to Jesus Christ through design, innovation, ideas, and business practices.

What does this look like?

1. Consistently pursuing the subduing of all creation by developing better designs, product and processes.

2. Being a blessing to every customer, employee, community, business partner, and stakeholder that we interact with.

3. To be a showcase of the power of Jesus Christ by executing business decisions based on biblical principles, and prayer.

What base is this built on?

We believe that the first commandment “Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it” is a direct call to create, to develop new tools, new ideas, new processes and new products. To ultimately use the earth’s resources to benefit mankind.

We believe that people being created in the image of God deserve the utmost respect.

We believe that people display God’s image in acting as re-creators.

We believe that God, being the owner of all things, desires that his resources are to be stewarded properly, and used wisely.